Welcome to Dr. Giri's Neurology & Spine Center in India

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday 8am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm
Support No. : +91 98283 94603

About Dr. Prithvi Giri

Dr Prithvi Giri, Consultant Neurologist


• DM-Neurology, King George Medical University
• MD Medicine, JLN medical college Ajmer
• MBBS, RNT Medical College Udaipur

Working place

• Narayana multispeciality hospital jaipur
• Dr. Giri's Neurology & Spine Center- malviya nagar
• JLN Medical college Ajmer (visiting consultant and teaching faculty by Raj Govt)
• Monthly outreach clinic- Hanuman Garh, swai madhopur, Gangapur City, Tonk, Newai, JLN Medical college Ajmer

Field of interest:

• Stroke/paralysis
• Epilepsy
• Headache/migraine
• Backache/neckpain/disc-nerve problem
• Parkinsonism
• Botulinum/botox therapy

Social activities

Education and awareness program through TV, Radio, printing media, joint program with Govt for Stroke/paralysis, Elipelsy and other neurological disease

  1. Organization of free health check-up camps, out reaches clinic in distant and remote area, particularly for villagers who cannot approach cities.
  2. Many Campion and Direct interaction with school/college students for goal directed study and reduce stress, ?how to prevent exam time forgetfulness
  3. Awareness program for elderly? how to manage and decrease forgetful (DEMENTIA) in elderly, ?how to reduce caregiver burden in cases of old age person or having dementia.
  4. Awareness Campion for advanced neurology disease, those patients who are bedridden.
  5. Awareness program for parents? How we can boost up children memory or ? Does role of medications


Young neurologist, City ICON, free social service

Aim/goal of life

- provide updated and best service at low cost
- Service for poor people
- Prevent youngster stress
- Proper managing of old age and bed ridden person
- Specific program for stroke/paralysis-“ STROKE NO MORE”